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Welcome to Fortify Geauga

Help Fortify Geauga fight to save Township zoning authority in Ohio.
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There was an important and lively meeting of the Geauga County Planning Commission on Tuesday, May 14th.  The main topic of the meeting, which drew an audience of a few dozen residents, was to discuss recent threats to township zoning authority coming from the Ohio Senate.  Senator Sandra O’Brien (R-32) was in attendance…

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Resources for Ohio Conservatives

The Ohio Roundtable
Citizen journalism for Ohio’s grassroots activists. Browse
the information and articles
on their website or join the
Ohio Roundtable Substack
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Ohio Political News and the Buckeye Patriot Podcast
Join hosts Joe Miller, Brian Massie, and Jonathan Broadbent every Sunday night at 7:30pm for a weekly roundup of news and issues in Ohio.

Grassroots Freedom Initiative seeks to connect, organize & unite “activated” conservatives. Join GFI today and don’t miss I-HUB with links to articles, videos, training & more. Also check out The Ohio Liberator List of worthy grassroots Ohio political candidates.

AssembleX Ohio
Ohio’s digital, grassroots town square. Join weekly discussions with conservative grassroots leaders on X/Twitter every Thursday at 7:00pm. Use the link above or search for AssembleXOhio on X/Twitter.

Ohio Precinct Strategy OPS is a group of Ohio Citizens that seeks to engage citizens in our elections process so our voices are accurately represented in our elections. The OPS website offers a wealth of information on civics, our party system, poll watching, elections infrastructure, and how to get involved.

Tactical Civics
Taking America back, one county at a time. TACTICAL CIVICS™ is We the People finally enforcing the magnificent Law that our forefathers left us. And unlike politics, TACTICAL CIVICS™ needs only half of 1% of the People to take responsibility. Check our calendar for local Tactical Civics seminars.

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  1. Carol Byler says:

    I love the work you have done Tiffany on this very informative website…Geauga county is very blessed to have you share great info for us…now we need a weekly radio show with Johnathan, skip.and others thanks again Tiffany for this awesome website.

  2. Great website, so much information even though we are a suburb of Cincinnati. Really appreciate all the work you’ve done on this. I’m spreading this far and wide. Thanks so much.
    Jonathan Broadbent spoke to our West Chester Tea Party last week and we were really impressed and appreciative of his knowledge. He’s a wonderful resource and a hard worker.

  3. Sharon Madger says:

    This is a great site. Thanks.

  4. Christen Hall says:

    This is such a wonderful resource. Thank you for all your hard work. We are spreading the word!

    Christen Hall

  5. Dennis says:

    Looks great. This NOACA CRAP has to be completely uncovered statewide and have the masses educated NOW! I applaud your focused energies. God Speed my friends.

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